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Hello! My name is Daena Jeanne Antonelli, a Certified Etiquette Coach from Boston. 


I have always valued self-improvement, not just for oneself but for everyone around them. The kindness and respect you show others is a reflection of the kindness and respect you show yourself.


With this philosophy in mind, I aim to help as many people as I can to start their journey towards this improvement. Through online or in person one-on-one coaching or even group classes, I can equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need on modern etiquette- an essential yet often-forgotten skill in today’s society. 


My goal is to help anyone of any age become more confident and well-mannered in all situations, may it be social, professional or just in everyday life to shape the world into a kinder and positive environment. 


From learning proper dining decorum, connecting to more possible business prospects, or even preparing young minds to navigate the real world, there’s always room for etiquette!


Having been introduced to the retail industry for as long as I could remember, with both of my parents owning their own boutiques, my early life has taught me the value of service and respect. I carried these life lessons with me as I pursued a career in luxury jewelry, a client facing industry that requires creating deep connections and understanding.


This is where my true passion for etiquette started. Looking back, I could not believe that a compulsory dining etiquette class for work, something I’ve never considered in the past, could actually change my perspective in a snap. But meeting an actual etiquette trainer and seeing them work their magic, is all it took to ignite a passion I didn’t know existed within me. For over a year, I let that feeling linger while I fed my mind and soul with all things etiquette (even my social media algorithm could not deny how deep I dived!). As a new mother and seeing how the world is changing, I grew a yearning to spread kindness and help people through self development. 


I’ve decided that 2023 is the year that I turn this passion into reality. Now certified from the British School of Excellence, I am excited to share my knowledge and my love for this craft. I hope that you could join me on this journey of self-improvement, connectedness and kindness.

"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot." ⁠—Clarence Thomas

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